ML-2 Science Building, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zürich, Switzerland.
Prof. ETH C.E.Geisendorf, Architect; Umberto Dindo, Associate Architect

Temporary Classroom Buildings with 8 to 12 classrooms each at PS 68,
PS 76, PS 89, PS 97, PS 103, PS 105, and PS 121 in the Bronx, NY.
Temp.Classroom Building at JHS 217Q in Queens, NY.
3-Story Addition to PS 150Q, Long Island City, in Queens, NY
3-Story Addition to Bushwick HS in Brooklyn, NY
2-Story Addition to PS 107, Queens, NY.
2-Story Addition to PS 181, Springfield Gardens, Queens, NY
2-Story Addition to PS 195, Rosedale, Queens, NY
2-Story Addition and Cafeteria Extension to PS 62, Richmond Hill, Queens, NY

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