Established: 1983
Owner: Umberto Dindo, AIA
Employees: 7


Our professional experience and practice is diversified, covering housing and residential facilities, commercial facilities, and educational facilities, as well as commercial and residential interiors. We view our work as the result of applying the same analytical process and creativity with high standards of skills to different problems.
An architect's work should speak for itself and through his clients. However, I would like to outline some of the thoughts and principles guiding our work:
  • Respecting a client's needs, desires, and budget. Working together to arrive at a solution.
  • A building must respond to its setting, be a participating part of its landscape, urban or rural.
  • A building must be practical and economical but it must be more than utility. It also shall provide
    its users with a
    n enjoyable experience of space and materials - a landscape for work or living.



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